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Dorinda Clark Cole - About Us

The website Dorinda Clark Cole was created by a group of people inspired by the Gospel singer’s ability to give great music, motivate people, and encourage through her songs. It was years ago when Dorinda Clark was still very active that she gave many shows, sang in various events, and also her ministries which opened a lot of people’s hearts and minds. It was very inspiring and even teenagers, as well as kids, find her very appealing, warm, approachable, and full of spirit. With her songs, her beautiful voice, the gospels she shares, she was able to bring out the best in people, they were able to believe, to be inspired, be motivated, have courage, and a lot more than just those things.

There was a lot more that Dorinda Clark could provide to people but the things mentioned were already enough to make this group of people create a website dedicated to her. This website was here for the sole purpose of sharing Gospels, music and songs, ministries we all could visit in different places, and daily inspirations from the Bible. Doing this, the creators knew that they could provide something to society even through simple things and so, they continued the website even at such young ages.

Nothing stopped this group of people from sharing the daily Gospel and words from the Bible and up until now, the Dorinda Clark Cole website was still keeping up with these things and sharing various thoughts and ideas that may change a person’s day. From being a gospel singer, a bunch of teenagers were able to open their own minds and souls. They created this website for everyone and it is expected to keep going for a very long time. The creators wished for all of us a happy and fruitful life wherein we hope to be with God always.