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Therese M.

Hello, I have always been so interested in your website because it’s very inspiring and it is always able to give me inspiration every day. Thank you so much for sharing Gospels every day and also for the Gospel songs! I listen to it whenever I have free time and make sure that I can listen to at least 3 songs a day. It’s just very entertaining how much you give us these kinds of content. I appreciate it so much and I hope you keep it up for a very long time.

Eunice L.

Hi, Therese! I am from Dorinda Clark Cole and we are so happy to know that you love our website very much. It’s very pleasing to know that our content and work are appreciated by people like you. Don’t worry, we will keep posting Gospels every day and share many Gospel songs for you all. We hope you keep visiting our site!

Therese L.

Of course, I will always be here on your website since you responded to my question, I just want to ask one thing. I hope you don’t mind it but can I ask when your group is planning to share new ministries to be held in the future? I want to visit ministries and events since I have lots of free time this month. I hope you can give me a heads up when you have plans.

Eunice L.

I don’t really mind, Eunice. I’m actually glad you asked. We do have plans to hold ministries with the people we know this month although the date is not yet settled. If you want to be notified about it, you can just give us your email and we will make sure to send you messages to give you a heads up.